Texas Cop Shot & Killed Unarmed 16-Year-Old


An off-duty Farmer’s Branch police officer shot and killed unarmed, 16-year-old Jose Raul Cruz in Addison, Teaxas Sunday night.

Officer Ken Johnson says he witnessed an attempted burglary at his apartment complex near Spring Valley Road, then gave chase when two suspects fled in a car.

Johnson ultimately shot both suspect, killing Cruz and sending his companion to Dallas hospital with a gunshot would to the head. Johnson was unharmed.

A neighbor in Johnson’s same apartment complex described the aftermath to KDFW-TV. “I peeked out the window, and everyone is running down over here and everyone started saying that some guys in a black Tahoe [SUV] chased down some guys in a red [Dodge] Challenger.”

Cruz’s family was notified that their son had died at the gas station two hours after they were informed Cruz was at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Cruz’s cousin, Nora Ruby said, “If he did something he shouldn’t be doing, then he should be arrested — not shot.”

Protesters organized by civil rights activist Carlos Quintanilla gathered outside both the Addison and Farmer’s Branch police departments demanding answers to the events that led to Cruz’s death. The boy’s mother, Ana Henriquez, cried out to the police, “They took my son’s life away. Why? Why God?”

Only after two days of protesters demanding more information did police officials confirm that Jose Raul Cruz was unarmed.

Ken Johnson joined the force in March 2015 previously working for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit police as well as the US Army.

Officer Johnson is currently on paid administrative leave.

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