NYPD Traffic Cop Arrested For Forcing Woman To Perform Oral Sex At Gunpoint

An NYPD traffic cop was arrested Friday after coercing a sex worker into performing oral sex on him during an unlawful detainment in January.


The sex worker says 27-year-old Isaiah Delvalle flashed his badge and gun on January 11, threatening to arrest her unless she performed oral sex on him at the corner of Essex Street and Stanley Avenue in East New York.

After the rape, she spit the evidence onto a piece of cardboard and handed it over to police along with her criminal complaint. Officers created a DNA profile on the traffic cop.

On February 16, an undercover cop met with Delvalle at a restaurant. Upon leaving the exchange, the undercover grabbed the straw Delvalle had used. When the DNA results matched, the NYPD stripped Delvalle of his badge and charged him with criminal sexual act, criminal impersonation of a police officer, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, and coercion.

It is unclear why the NYPD waited three months to arrest the officer.

He was charged with criminal impersonation because he was a traffic enforcement officer, not a police officer.

The investigation discovered Delvalle had used a similar scheme on sex workers in the area. In one case, he posed as a client to let the woman’s guard down only to flash his badge for free sex acts.

Isaiah denied the allegations when reached for comment by the Daily News. “No, none of that is true. Those girls are crazy. This is what they do when they don’t get what they want.”

Deville was arraigned at Brooklyn Criminal Court and released on a $10,000 bail.


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