NYPD Officer In Unmarked Vehicle Wipes Out Dirt Bike Rider In Alleged Retaliation

The driver of an unmarked NYPD vehicle knocked a motorist riding a dirt bike to the ground in Washington Heights.


Witnesses recorded a black Chevy Malibu accelerating rapidly toward a man riding a yellow dirt bike and hitting him from behind. Five minutes into the video, paramedics take the victim off the pavement.

The person who posted the video to youtube claims that this attack was in retaliation for a publically released video of an officer pointing his gun at the rider of an ATV as he rode through a Bronx park early in March. That video went viral, leading to that cop’s suspension and an investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau.


The video shows the unmarked NYPD vehicle chasing the dirt bike rider down the crowded Washington Heights street with lights on, but no sirens audible, a violation of NYPD procedure. In addition to striking the dirt bike rider, merely pursuing him in this manner is a violation of the NYPD patrol guide, which states that “a vehicle pursuit be terminated whenever the risks to uniformed members of the service and the public outweigh the danger to the community if [the] suspect is not immediately apprehended.”

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About a hundred bystanders gathered around the scene shouting at the officers, referencing lawsuits, bacon, and sexual humor.

“You know you ain’t s— without that badge! F— the police!” they yelled. Approximately 20 cops arrived to provide crowd control.

There were no arrests, but in the video, the officers do not attempt to speak to any witnesses, but instead try to disperse them, and dispersing witnesses from the crime scene of state agent without taking statements or contact information is a possible civil rights violation.

(Additional reporting by Keegan Stephan)

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