NYPD Cop Crashes Into Parked Car, Breaks An EMT’s Arm, Knocks Woman Off Overpass


An off-duty New York City Police officer crashed into the parked car of an off-duty EMT who was assisting a crash victim, breaking the EMT’s arm and sending a woman flying off the overpass, leaving her in critical condition, early Saturday morning.

The trouble started when the victim’s friend, Samantha Maloney, drove drunk into a median barrier along the Whitestone Expressway in Queens. Maloney called her friend, Victoria Garrett, for help and received assistance from other motorists including EMT Christopher Pierce.

Pierce pulled his car alongside Maloney’s as Garrett tended to her injured friend. That’s when an off-duty NYPD officer struck Pierce’s vehicle which in turn slammed into Garrett throwing her 30 feet over the overpass. Garrett was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

“I saw them putting her in the ambulance. I could see her feet but they had the top part of her body covered. There was a puddle of blood where she fell on the ground,” one witness described.

Pierce walked away with a serious but stable injury. “I have a fracture in my arm. Doctors looked at it and they evaluated it. It’s substantial break, it’s going to require a good amount of healing but it’s totally fixable,” the EMT told CBS2. The NYPD officer was deemed not intoxicated after registering a 0.02 blood alcohol content with a breathalyzer while Maloney was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

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