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Notoriously Violent, Anti-Protest Bodyguard For Donald Trump Was An NYPD Detective


Shocking no one, a notoriously violent, anti-protest bodyguard and head of security for Donald Trump was formerly an detective for the New York City Police department.

The bodyguard, Keith Schiller, can be seen shielding Trump from a protesters who rushed the stage at one of Trump’s campaign events this weekend. While Trump blasted misleading information about the identity of his would-be attacker, few media outlets took note of who the 57-year-old broad shouldered man who protected Trump actually is.

Schiller has served as Trump’s Head of Security for 16 years now. But before that, he worked for the US Navy in 1978, serving in Virginia for four years, and then for the NYPD for 10 years.

He began working for the NYPD in 1992 as a narcotics officer with the 34th precinct under the NYPD Strike Force and the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program.

In 1999, he started working security detail for Donald Trump while still at the NYPD.

He soon left to become Trump’s Head of Security.

Schiller first entered the public spotlight during a staged WWE event in which Schiller restrained Vince McMahon from hitting Trump.

Since then, he’s been at the center of several incidents involving violence against protesters and suppression of first amendment activity, tactics the New York City Police department is well known for.

When Trump told Univision’s Jorge Ramos to leave an event last summer, it was Schiller who ejected him. At a small protest outside Trump Tower last September, it was Schiller who broke up the rally and destroyed protesters’ signs. Schiller actually smacked protestor, Efran Galicia who approached Schiller from behind. Galicia was trying to take back his sign reading ‘Make America Racist Again’ from Schiller. Galicia accused Trump’s security detail of attempting to “suppress free speech and the growing public criticism of the Trump campaign.” He told the New York Post, “We brought all our banners. We know the law. We know we can protest along the sidewalk.”

Schiller has developed a close relationship of trust with Donald Trump being at his side during every campaign event. Social media profiles show Schiller’s active social life which includes catching up with old NYPD friends and traveling to Dubai, Miami and New Orleans.

Republican strategist Michael Caputo said Schiller treats Donald Trump and his family like his own. Caputo elaborated saying, “Keith is more experienced than almost any Secret Service agent I’ve ever worked with – and I’ve worked with plenty. He’s also kind, gentle, quick to smile, and truly pleasant to be around. But attack him from behind and you’ll meet an entirely different man – swiftly and mercilessly.”

Former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wachrow said Schiller has been, “put in a very difficult position to protect a very exposed individual with a lot of risk. This is a very high risk, high stress environment that they are in. Their head has to be on a swivel at all times.”

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