No Charges for Cop Who Killed Man Holding Plastic Bucket, Day After Suspension For Shooting Vietnam Vet


The District Attorney’s Office of Kenosha, Wisconsin will not press any charges against Officer Pablo Torres who shot and killed Aaron Siler, the day after returning to work from a suspension for shooting a suicidal Vietnam Veteran.

On March 14th, 2015, Officer Torres was sent to check on Siler after Siler missed a routine check-in with his parole officer. Torres pursued Siler into a garage, where Torres claimed Siler grabbed a lead pipe to use as a weapon, causing Torres to shoot Siler six times in the chest and shoulders, killing him.

The lead pipe turned out to be a plastic bucket, which the district attorney deemed “not a weapon.” Despite this inconsistency in the officer’s testimony, and the lack of weapon, the district attorney concluded that, “Under the law of self-defense and the totality of all of the facts and circumstances…Officer Torres’ use of force was necessary and justified.” Zapf explained that the gestures Siler made were considered aggressive enough to cause Torres to fear for his life.

But the Siler family attorney disagreed, saying, “This threat of serious injury or death, we don’t see it. We don’t feel that six rounds in the chest and shoulders were warranted.”

This shooting came ten days after Officer Torres shot and injured a Vietnam veteran wielding a knife during a suicidal episode. In that incident, Torres responded to a call from the victim’s wife, who stressed that her husband was a veteran suffering from PTSD. Torres was placed on temporary leave for the incident. The day he returned to the force, he shot and killed Aaron Siler.

Over 200 documents received by Fox 6 Now after the Siler shooting, including nine citizen complaints against Torres, paint a picture of an officer who has terrorized the small community of Kenosha. One complaint came from Kimberly Hollis, who claims Torres slammed her face into the ground while she was joking with him. Hollis also knew both of Torres’ March shooting victims. “It turned my stomach because the first gentleman he shot was my old neighbor, so I knew him and his wife personally,” Hollis told Fox 6. “And then to find out he killed Aaron touched my heart because Aaron actually mowed my lawn for five years while he was growing up.”

All nine citizen complaints against Torres were cleared by the Kenosha Police department.

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