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Plainclothes Cops Shot & Killed A Black Woman Holding A Fake Gun

Plainclothes police officers shot and killed a black woman holding a fake gun in Norfolk, Virginia yesterday.


According to police, three plainclothes police officers of the Norfolk Vice and Narcotics division were involved in a stakeout when they witnessed 25-year-old India M. Beaty in an argument with man, brandishing the fake gun.

Police claim the plainclothes officers identified themselves, ordered Beaty to drop the gun, she refused, and so they opened fire, killing her.

Virginia is an open cary state, in which anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to carry an actual gun without a permit.

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Beaty was also a lesbian, who was engaged to her same-sex partner. It is easy to imagine why she might have carried a replica gun and brandished it during an altercation with a man in a parking lot, and even refused to drop it when three more armed men approached her.

She obviously did not fire any shots before the officers gunned her down, as the gun was a replica, not an actual firearm.

None of the officers were wearing body cameras.

Beaty is the third person killed by police in the small town of Norfolk this year, two of whom were black, which is vastly disproportionate to the population.

Nationwide, black women are twice as likely to be shot and killed by police than white women, and black LGBTQ woman are six times more likely to be victims of police violence than the general population.

Below is a video of Beaty’s sister Kendra describing Beaty in life:

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